The Value of Arts in Education

I wanted to share with our community an article about the value of arts in education.  At JAIS we work very hard to make sure that we offer more than just academics to our students, which is why we have speciality courses in Studio Art, Music, PE and Spanish.  We are committed to integrating art into the educational experience of our students.  What is fascinating to learn is that research is now finding that students enrolled in schools with integrated art programs are benefitting in more ways than one, including increased achievement in academic areas such as reading and mathematics.  Employers today are citing creativity as a key personality trait they look for when hiring college graduates to work at their firms.  What better way to foster creativity than to commit ourselves to strong programs that encourage artistic development?

The following is an article from Edutopia addressing the value of arts in Education entitled, “Why Arts Education is Crucial, and Who’s Doing it Best”

How do you, as the JAIS community, feel about integrating arts into education?  Would you like to see more art classes?  Less?  If we were to integrate more art into our program, what areas would we need to remove in order to support more arts?  Should art programs be mandatory within our school day, or offered as optional after school activities?

We look forward to hearing from you!


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Is College Worth the Debt?

A program on PBS that aired in May of 2011 attracted much attention.  The discussion question of the day was, “Is a College Diploma Worth the Soaring Student Debt?”  As a parent, what worries me is the uncertainty of what the educational landscape will look like by the time my girls are ready to attend university.  I think this debate is important.  I find myself asking many questions… Continue reading


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How Much TV is TOO Much TV?

There are very few parents I have met who have not used TV at one time or another to relieve themselves of parental duties.  Sometimes placing our children in front of the TV gives us a chance to take a much-needed breather.  At other times, we have no choice but to find some way for our children to self-entertain so that we can get basic tasks completed (such as making dinner or folding the laundry).  In these cases, it is natural for many parents to turn to the TV as a Continue reading


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Handwriting: Is it becoming obsolete???

Recently I read an article in the San Francisco Chronicle that argued there is still value to teaching handwriting in schools.  While I personally tend to agree with the value, I see that many of my educational colleagues worldwide beg to differ.  In fact, there are schools in the USA that are removing cursive writing programs altogether, in favor of teaching students keyboarding from an earlier age.  Are these Continue reading


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